Q.  Where is Casa Blu?  Is it in a good location?

A.  Casa Blu is in a GREAT location (the exact location is in part why I purchased).  The address is 109 Main Street, Park City, 84060.  Sometimes google maps pulls up a random town, fyi (I have reached out to google for a fix).  It is 4 doors up from Grappa Italian Restaurant and walking distance to everything in Old Town.  


You are super close to everything, but just far enough up Main Street to have some privacy from Old Town traffic.


Q.  Is it noisy at Casa Blu?  

A.  Most foot and tourist car traffic on Main Street ends at Grappa Italian Restaurant, where people turn down Swede Alley to park/drive/walk.  So, it’s surprisingly quiet for it’s prime location... but you are on Main Street, so inevitably there will be pedestrians, cars, skateboarders (summer!) and the like, passing by.


The Main Street Trolly drives by every hour from 10 am to 11 pm, daily.  During the summer, the Trolly does pass by more frequently due to fewer passengers needing lifts throughout its course.  Also, it stops 10 feet from Casa Blu so you have a convenient little ride down Main, should you like it.


Q. Do you allow dogs?  

A.  Yes!  Let us know how many fur-kids will be staying, so we can leave them treats and toys! The pet fee is $150 (total not per pet), so I can have the property deep cleaned by the cleaning service after your departure- to keep the property in great condition!


There is a fantastic park right across the street from Casa Blu (with free potty bags) that is great for breaks and fur-friendly.  An off-leash dog park is also about 1/2 mile, across from City Park on Park Avenue.  Dogs often stroll Main Street as well!


Q.  Where is the nearest access to skiing?

A.  PCMR’s ‘Town Lift’ is approximately 3 blocks from Casa Blu.  It’s not far, but not right next door either (it will be a 10-15 minute walk).  Guests can purchase lift tickets, rent lockers to store their walking boots and rent equipment, if needed.  You can also leave you gear here for the duration of your trip for as low at $3, so you don’t have to carry equipment back and forth to Casa Blu!


I also can help you find discounted passes, should you so desire.


Q.  Is there Parking for a Car and/or Trailer?

A.  I leave a residential parking permit for guests to park in a small residential lot approximately 15 feet from Casa Blu.  It’s  super close and has never been an issue for myself or guests.  This lot is first come, first serve and if it is full, you can park 24/7 at the China Bridge lot.


Both lots do not accommodate trailers.  However, I have had guests (on cross-country trips) bring large and small trailers with them.  I will arrange for parking in nearby secured storage facilities, so it’s not a problem!  


Q.  Where is the nearest hiking?

A.  You can access PCMR hiking trails two blocks behind Casa Blu.  For your convenience, I leave multiple trail maps for your use!  I also REALLY recommend taking a short drive up to ‘Guardmans Pass’ in the summer (the road closes during winter months).  It’s beautiful! 


**I’ve included additional summer resources below in the ‘to-do’ tab of this website.**


Q.  What is the cell signal like?

A.  You are in the heart of Park City, so cell reception is not a problem.


Q.  Do you have wifi and cable?

A.  Yes to both!  The TV’s are also ‘smart TV’s’, so that you can access your Netflix and Amazon accounts for additional movie streaming.


Q.  Do you have a slow cooker and cooking supplies?

A.  Absolutely.  My goal for you to have everything you need, including seasonings and hot cocoa.  If you come across a supply that would be useful and not offered, please send me a note/text and I’ll drop it off on the front deck within 24 hours.  

Q.  How far is the nearest Hospital?

A.  Park City Medical Center is 4.9 miles from Casa Blu.  Contact information below:


900 Round Valley Dr, Park City, UT 84060
(435) 658-7000


Q.  How close is the nearest liquor store?

A.  Only two blocks, located next to the China Bridge Parking Ramp at 460 Swede Alley. Phone: 435 649-3293. Open from 11 AM to 10 PM.  Closed on Sunday’s in Utah!


Q.  How big is Casa Blu?

A.  Casa Blu is a historic miner's cottage that is 500 square feet.  We have tried really hard to make sure every square inch of this home is thought-out and accomodating to our Park City nightly guests.  If in addition to ski gear you like to travel heavy, it may not be the best choice for you.


Q.  Is there AC?

A.  No.  Most homes in Old Town don't have air conditioning.  Most of the time the moutain breeze is enough to keep the home a comfortable temperature.  But during peak summer months it can get warm outside (zero humidity warmth, but still warm), so we provide a fan (or more, if you need them) to provide air circulation.  


Please reach out if you have additional questions or would like further elaboration!